Department of Quality and performance evaluation

Department of Quality and performance evaluation

Head Of Department:

Dr. Yousef S. Issa Alkhettaly (MBCHB- Tripoli, DIM- Imperial college, MMedSci-Nottingham)


Department of Quality and performance evaluation-Faculty of Medicine plays a key role in the development, monitoring and reporting of quality across the faculty. It is set to monitor and sustain a high quality holistic educational provision

Department of Quality and performance evaluation-Faculty of Medicin aspire to see Faculty of medicine – university of Tripoli be excellent in all aspects of its operations and offer the best services to all students and produce competent individuals/graduates

The department has a clearly defined mission, principles and terms of reference, which indicate the commitment of the faculty to continuous improvement, is committed to providing quality higher education that provides intellectual, social, and cultural benefits to society through its programs, research and scholarship. This commitment is supported by the Framework provides the planning, strategies: reporting and continuous improvement that create awareness to all students, ensuring that systems, processes are fit for the purpose for which they are desired. ensuring continuous improvement in the management of quality academic processes


to create and sustain a distinctive nationally and internationally recognized faculty at the forefront in learning-teaching, real-world research and community engagement through continuous improvement and commitments to quality management processes.


  • Developing and implementing formal quality assurance systems, policies and procedures to help any activities to be consistent and responsive to the vision, mission, goal, and objectives of the faculty.
  • Integrating quality assurance system comprehensively, clearly and concretely in every step, every level of operation in order to install quality culture in the faculty.
  • assessing the quality of core process activities (teaching-learning, research community engagement and student services) and support process activities (Information communication Technology, Human Resource Management, Estate and facility management) of the faculty;
  • Improving   faculty overall management practices to be exemplary in good governance;
  • To communicate/liaise with the relevant statutory, accreditation and professional boards and bodies.
  • Formulating, approving and enacting of quality assurance policies and guidelines.
  • Setting Quality assurance measures in all core process activities and support process activities of the University;
  • Establishing and implementing   audit system in all processes and management of the faculty
  • securing consistency and comparability in using baseline standards set by the university
  • Implementing and maintaining institutional performance assurance programs consistent with good management practices and University’s requirements.
  • Ensuring the promotion of a culture of quality and continuous monitoring and improvement of all quality assessment activities within the institution.
  • promoting and developing the quality of provision of all services and academic activities